Outdoor Scenario 1

Overview: The scenarios consists of 4 basestations placed both sides of a main road with the traffic flowing in both directions. Each basestation is equipped with 3 cameras in three directions (left, right, center) to cover a large field of view. For each basestation, the DeepVerse6G dataset further provides the wireless, radar and lidar data to for various applications. 

Sample Data Visual

RGB Camera Images




Each basestation is equipped with 3 cameras,  looking at the left, right, and center, to cover a large field of view and assist the communication.


The positions of the basestations and users for a a single timestep. 


For the selected user (UE2) and basestation (BS1), the channel gain with the beams of the DFT codebook with 16 antennas.


The basestation is equipped with a lidar to collect point cloud data. The point cloud data is visualized above.


The range-angle map generated by the raw signal of the DeepVerse dataset from an FMCW radar placed at the basestation.

Scenario Details


  • 28 Ghz full data: